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Doug Bianchi
Personal Plane Services was started in the immediate post war period by Douglas Bianchi, Doug was one of those rare aviation people who just aren't around these days, his knowledge in all things to do with aeroplanes  old & new was infinite, cutting his teeth in the 30s at the Mecca’s of the English aeroplane industry, Hanworth Brooklands & Heston where his skills where honed on a multitude of British American & European aeroplane types, he was known & respected by many of the great pioneers of the period Charles Lindbergh, Willy Messerschmitt, Alex Henshaw to name but a few.
Doug was not only a highly competent engineer he was also a pilot, starting Aerial Enterprises his joy riding company in the late 30s with a Desoutter and a Spartan flying out of Luton.

When War came Doug carried on looking after civil aircraft that were impressed into the RAF until he joined the Air Transport Auxiliary (ATA) where he ran the engineering school at the ATA base at White Waltham, he was never slow to admit that the best time he had in aviation was during the war, and his adventures were numerous.

Doug Bianchi 

When Hostilities ended Doug continued the adventure on "Operation Plainfare" as part of The Berlin Airlift, and later as flight engineer on Avro Lancastrians with Air Vice Marshall Don "Pathfinder" Bennett on the opening up of the first air routes to South America for British South American Airways. Doug also formed the BEA engineering school in 1946.

With the formation of PPS in 1947 at Blackbushe Doug offered Sales, Maintenance & Overhaul dealing in all types of civil & ex military aircraft & spares, in the early 50s he expanded &  moved back to his old ATA stamping ground at White Waltham where Doug was credited as one of the prime movers of the UK regeneration of private flying & aircraft ownership in the post war years, not only selling & maintaining aircraft but going into full production manufacturing the French Piel Emeraude under license, he also was one of the first to realize there was a market for collectors of antique aeroplanes, he was a founder member of the Vintage Aeroplane Club, Chief Engineer of the Popular Flying Association, & had one of the rare unrestricted Engineers licenses in all groups.

In the 60s the British film industry brought fortune to Doug & PPS, his experience with old aeroplanes & manufacturing enabled the company to produce replica aeroplanes for many productions including The Blue Max, Those Magnificent Men & their Flying Machines & many more.

Expansion necessitated Doug moving to Booker near Marlow in the late 60s where he now ran the company with his wife Edna, son Tony & daughter Angela, he developed the company to focus on the restoration of WW2 Aircraft, the importation of Stampes, Buckers, & unique vintage aeroplanes from Europe & the support for the film industry when required, His involvement with some of the worlds most prolific collectors enabled Doug to bring to life some of the unique aeroplanes seen in collections all over the world. Doug was a great connoisseur with a passion for many things including cars, always having something nice in the garage a pre war Alfa, an Aston martin or a Bentley; also he was a great traveller & an excellent sailor messing about on the water being his ultimate pastime.

Sadly Doug died from a heart attack in 1977 at the age of 61, many people will remember his hilarious true stories that were published in Pilot magazine, Doug fortunately wrote his memoirs which have never been published, we intend to subscription serialize them with unique photographs on this website so many of his fans over the flying world can remember this charismatic man & his amusing life with aeroplanes.